Supply Leaders Academy

Procurement Leadership For Strategic Sourcing

Transform your purchasing into strategic sourcing, so your company makes more profit with predictable procurement. The result of our programs is a professionally certified supply chain professionals to act as a strategic sourcing adviser for your organization.

Our comprehensive program focuses on five areas:
Planning, Sourcing, Contracts, Diversity and Leadership

When you complete our program, you will be prepared to pass the internationally recognized certification. Plus, you will have the leadership skills to implement the strategic sourcing concepts into the procurement processes of your organization, profit or non-profit, government or private.


Most businesses understand their needs for the coming year based on a strategic vision of where the company needs to grow to meet customer needs. The procurement planning process identifies which business needs can be best met by procuring products or services outside the organization. To do this involves determining whether to procure, how to procure, what to procure, and when to procure.


After we plan the solicitation, then we need to take action to acquire the resources. Through solicitations, we obtain information (bids and proposals) from prospective sellers about their products and services so we can determine the best value for how project needs can be met. Next we need to evaluate the bids or proposals based on our criteria to select a vendor. This process requires a methodical process that considers the most important requirements in a competitive process to achieve the best value for every dollar spent.


With the vendor selected, we need contracts to assure we get the value promised. There are 13 types of contracts, 14 quality tools, and 4 methods to capture vendor performance. We will look at all of these so you can put together the right tools to manage your vendors for the most value. Finally, we will look at the process of verifying that all administrative matters are concluded on a contract that is otherwise physically complete. This involves completing and settling the contract, including resolving any open items. Good negotiation is the result of better preparation than the opposition. We will look at how you prepare for, conduct, and lead your team through negotiating with your vendors so that you get the best value for every dollar spent.


A program for supply management professionals whose responsibilities include supplier diversity with responsibility for strategic diversity initiatives. Supplier diversity is a recognized supply chain management practice that helps businesses grow by using diverse suppliers in our community. Both government and private industry practice supplier diversity as a way to increase competition and develop quality vendors. With this program, people know your team follows and practices supplier diversity management in a way to ensure high quality vendors and a secure supply chain from socioeconomic designated businesses in your local economy.


Supply Leaders Academy Leadership Program provides your team with the leadership skills to implement the supply chain concepts mastered in the certification training. Training is worthless if you cannot implement the concepts, so we created a leadership development program specifically for procurement professionals to learn the secrets of building trust with anyone to get more done with less stress. The program is based on DiSC®, the leading assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. Members of your team begin with a personalized assessment that gives them the tools to behave more maturely and productively using their natural strengths.