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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you don't see an answer to one of your questions, call us at (877) 680-0494 or send an email to  

Tell me about the CPSM Certification...

What is the Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) qualification?

The Certified Professional in Supply Management® is the qualification that supply management professionals strive to earn. The CPSM ® will be relevant internationally and reflect the expanded knowledge, skills and abilities needed to be a successful supply management professional.

What are the criteria for the CPSM ® qualification?

The CPSM® certification requires three years full-time, professional supply management experience (non-clerical, nonsupport); a bachelors' degree from an regionally accredited institution or international equivalent.  If a person does not have a bachelor's degree, the certification requires a person to have three years of full-time, professional supply management experience (non-clerical, non-support) with an associate's degree from a regionally accredited institution (or international equivalent). Or, if a person does not have a bachelors or associates degree, they need five years of full-time professional supply management experience (non-clerical, non-support).

What are the benefits of achieving the CPSM® qualification?

The CPSM® qualification will enable professionals to gain a clear understanding of their organization’s supply operation and enable managers to take an active role in critical decisions. Each step in the development of an organization’s products and/or services is controlled by supply management. Current evolution of the profession dictates that a strategic level qualification is needed for professionals to effectively implement innovative supply strategies throughout their entire organization. The CPSM® will be a milestone for those professionals who take ownership of their careers. Surveys indicate those with professional designations report higher annual compensation than those without certification. Pursuing your CPSM ® qualification is your chance to leverage your knowledge and experience into career advancement

What are the benefits for my organization if I become CPSM ® qualified?

Organizations have communicated to ISM that they value the C.P.M. as evidence of a solid baseline of purchasing knowledge. The CPSM® qualification will also recognize individual competencies in the broader area of supply management. The CPSM® will emphasize major segments of the supply management profession; holders of the qualification will attain a greater understanding of their organization’s supply network and have the skills to make more accurate and profitable decisions.

What is the Jack Quinn Solutions Guarantee for CPSM Exam Preparation Courses?

Our Guarantee: As a graduate of the Jack Quinn Solutions CPSM Live Boot Camp, we guarantee your success. If you fail any exam taken within 90 days of completing our course, we’ll assume the financial risk and pay the re-exam fees for 1 re-exam per CPSM Exam in the CPSM series of exams

How is ISM distinguishing the CPSM ® qualification from other organizations’ certifications?

The CPSM ® is targeting supply management professionals who are forward thinking and wish to have a broad understanding of all components of the profession. It will focus on strategic supply management, not fundamental or tactical level knowledge and contain the most comprehensive body of knowledge in this area.

Tell me about CPSM Certification Boot Camp...

Will this get me a job?

We cannot guarantee the CPSM Certification will get you a job or a promotion because that ultimately depends on you. We can tell you that our informal research shows that job ads are asking for certification. We can also share with you that there are several articles discussing the increased awareness of supply chain management and professionalism of our field is growing everyday.

Will this really get me a higher salary?

According to the Institute for Supply Management Salary survey, people who participate in the survey that are CPSM Certified earn 8-10% more than people who are not certified. The certification alone will not result in a higher salary. Higher salary will result from higher performance and significant results. The information presented in the certification will give you the tools to produce better results. Our alumni have shared with us how they have achieved significant results based on the information you must study to prepare for the CPSM Exams.

Can this be done in 3 days? 

The 3-day seminar is the final phase of the process. You need to come prepared for the live course by reading the study guide, taking the diagnostic test, sending us your diagnostic test results, and arriving at the live course ready to learn. Remember, the certification exam tests your knowledge. When you follow our process, you can prepare for and pass the test in 30 days. The review course focuses on the information with the most questions on the test, so the probability of your passing is much higher when you attend the live training.

Do I need more than the course? What else do I need?

Yes, you will need to purchase the CPSM Study Guide, ISM Glossary, and ISM Professional Series. We provide the ISM Web-Based Diagnostic Test ($150 Value) as part of your tuition. You must take the diagnostic test prior to arriving at the live course in order to qualify for the guarantee. We have found a key factor in the success of people attending the review course is their preparation prior to the live course. When you register and follow our process, we guarantee your success.

What if I need more instruction? Coaching?

We provide one-on-one coaching as part of your tuition so you can personalize your study efforts.

What if I live in Canada, Africa, etc.? 

We have clients from all over the world that attend our live course and participate in the coaching program. Call us at 877-680-0494 or email us at to find out what option is best for you.

Who develop these courses?

  • The information presented in this course was developed by the Institute for Supply Management.
  • The instructors presenting the courses have been through the Institute for Supply Management Train-the-Trainer Course.

How do I know this is quality training?

We have testimonials you can see from people who have participated in our course to attest to the quality of the CPSM Review Courses

Why should I trust you?

You invest in a result and we guarantee that result. Our reputation is above reproach, plus all our training has a double guaranteed. One, if you are not happy with the instruction, let us know and we will do whatever we must do to make you happy. Two, if you do not pass the exams, we will pay the reexam fees.

How can you guarantee people will pass? 

We believe you invest in a result, not a training program. It is our job to make sure you see that result and sometimes that requires us to pay the reexam fees.

What do I have to do for the guarantee?

You must follow our process as stated in the guarantee. When you attend the live course and follow our process, you will pass and get certified. For more information about our guarantee, visit

Why are you more expensive than any other training provider? 

After all, in today’s economy, we all want the most for our money. A truth that I have learned over the years is that the cheapest price is not always what we really want. Most people look for three things when making an investment: 1. the finest quality; 2. the best service; and 3. the lowest price. I have never yet found a company that could provide the finest quality and the best service for the lowest price. For your long-term happiness, which of those three would you be most willing to give up?
Quality? Service? Or, low price?

What do I need to do to sign up for exams?

  1. To sign up for the exams, you need to go through the ISM Website (Exam Registration).
  2. First you pay for the exams through ISM.
  3. ISM will send you a code that you use when you go to the PersonVue Testing Registration Page (
  4. Follow the process on the website to register for the test.
  5. Once you pass the exams, you need to apply for certification with ISM (