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CPSM is for 40s too

16.08.17 06:22 AM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
cpsm-cpsd-boot-camp-header-people-2CPSM belongs to the 40’s too! You may be thinking CPSM is just for the young entrepreneurs or the young professionals. You are wrong. Even if you are in your forties you still have a chance to change your future and the  digit of your wage. How? Easy, take and pass the CPSM Exam and surely you ...

Why Car Companies favor Car Recalls

21.06.17 05:54 AM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
sla-logo-2015030smallpng2Two luxury automobile makers, Porsche and Jaguar Land Rover, have lately revealed they are recalling cars in the UK. The recalls could be small in number, but they are part of a growing style in the automobile market. Auto producers value the security of their customers and show gratitude for their ...

CPSM 1B5 : Develop Financing and Leveraging Strategies for Purchases

09.06.17 05:22 AM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
sla-logo-2015030smallpng2The supply manager’s task in CPSM 1B5 is to creatively develop financing or leveraging strategies for purchases. A supply leader does not simply rely on the financing department to generate income or come up with money to pay for the purchases. A procurement or supply chain leader should help the or...